Checklist for admitted students

Before your arrival (after you have obtained your Visa)

1) Check carefully the COVID-19 rules related to your country of Residence here (please note that the info may change in the next weeks).

2) Check carefully the COVID-19 info for International students of the University of Pisa here.

3) Fill out the survey made by the Italian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs to know precisely what you must do once you come to Italy in relation to the COVID-19 restrictions here.

4) Insurance: buy an insurance valid for your trip. You can contact a travel agency for this.

5) Find an accommodation (you can contact us for a list of websites to find one).

6) Organize your trip to Pisa. Do not book your flight until you have obtained your visa. Pisa has an international airport so try to buy a flight which arrives there.

7) Inform us about the date of your arrival writing at

8) Report your entry to Italy to the Local Health Authorities here

After your arrival to Pisa

1) If you are subjected to self-isolation, you must apply for the Residency Permit right after it (otherwise, if you are not subjected to self-isolation, you must apply for the Residency Permit within the first 8 days from your arrival in Italy). For the application you need: the registration to the Italian National Health System (INHS), the Italian Tax Code, the certificate of enrollment at the University, a document stating that you have enough money to live in Italy (460 euros per month), your passport and Visa.

The registration to the INHS provides you full health assistance – including the possibility to choose a family doctor. In the Italian health system, the family doctor gives general or 1st level health assistance, i.e., health care outside the hospital, hence including medical treatment in case of ordinary diseases or no-emergency health problems, and prescribes medicines and tests.

If you are subjected to self-isolation, register to the Italian National Health System right after it (otherwise as soon as you arrive to Italy).

Useful info about how the INHS works are available here.

If you arrive to Pisa please let us know as soon as you arrive so that we can guide you about how to apply for the Residency Permit. If you are planning to stay in another city in the first weeks after your arrival, please contact right away a Patronato or directly the Immigration Office in that city so as to know what you must do. In any case, please inform us about it.

2) Contact us to obtain your university card, that you will use to access the university facilities, including the university dining halls at a discount price.

3) Open an Italian bank account (you will need it to renew your Residency Permit).

4) Submit the Declaration of Value or the CIMEA certificate by December 31st 2021

For every kind of help or clarification you can contact our team at

There are not stupid questions, so contact us for everything you need!

If you want to ask info about COVID-19 rules and restrictions see here.

See you in Pisa,

The Foundation Course Team