How do I pre-enroll in the Universitaly portal?

The procedures described below apply only to international students who require a visa for long-term stay in Italy.

You must follow all the following steps:

Register (you can switch to English/Italian on the top right of the webpage);

Fill in the fields required to create your profile and remember to:
Enter your personal information exactly as presented in in your passport;
The self-generated Italian tax code (codice fiscale) is not official. If you do not already have an official tax code, one shall be issued to you once the university enrolment procedure has been completed. Visit the page dedicated to Your stay, insurance, transport for more information.

You will receive an email asking you to confirm your account and complete your registration by choosing a password;
Click on Domanda di preiscrizione > Nuova domanda di preiscrizione (Pre-enrolment application > New pre-enrolment application) to start. Remember that you can only send one application for the 2020/2021 academic year, so you must indicate one university and one study programme;

select the academic year (2020/2021)
check your personal data

check your passport information
upload a passport photo and a scanned copy of your passport
indicate at which Embassy/Consulate you will apply for a visa and the reason (“I want to enrol in a study programme”)
select “Università di Pisa”  and the course for which you received the letter of eligibility for enrolment as well as the curriculum, where available (it is recommended that you not filter the courses by teaching language, so that the curricula are visible).

You do NOT need to enter “Identification account at the chosen University/AFAM/Institute”

Upload the academic qualification certificates and supporting documents that you provided for your pre-evaluation:
final diploma (if available) or provisional certificate – copy of original and Italian/English translation (where necessary)
certificate showing the exams taken – copy of original and Italian/English translation (where necessary)
language certificate(s) (where required)
CIMEA Statement of Comparability/Declaration of Value/Diploma Supplement (where held)

Check your details and submit the pre-enrolment application.

Once the pre-enrolment application has been approved by the University of Pisa, candidates can start the visa application. The procedure may vary according to the provisions issued by the individual Italian embassies and consulates abroad and it is the candidate’s responsibility to inquire about specific procedures and deadlines.
The procedures for issuing these visas must be concluded by the embassies/consulates, without prejudice to possible different future instruction, by 30 November 2020.

The embassy or consulate is exclusively responsible for the final decision on the issue of a study visa
The documentation produced by the higher education institutions in relation to a candidate’s application for a visa is considered as supporting information in the evaluation procedures carried out by these agencies, and does not automatically imply the issue of a visa.

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