Choose your General practicioner

The General Practicioner (“medico di base”) is your first point of reference for any kind of health related issue you may have. Please read the brochure attached about how the Italian National Health System works and which services it provides you.

If you are a non-EU student applying for Residency Permit in order to choose your doctor and to obtain the health card (“tessera sanitaria”) you must send an email to (Subject: “Your name and surname+ Richiesta medico di base studente internazionale Unipi”) enclosing the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Visa
  3. Receipt registration Italian National Health System
  4. Italian tax code
  5. Post-office paper with appointment date at the Questura and receipts attached
  6. “Modello 1” and “Modello 6” filled out and signed. You may find them both attached

If you have doubts about how to fill the forms please contact

Please note that in 2024 you will have to renew the registration to the Health System as well as the choice of your general practicioner, since the first registration is valid until 31/12/2023

Please find attached also the complete list of General practicioners among whom you can choose yours. Since some of them might not be able to speak English fluently, please contact them in advance and ask them about it.

Info about how to fill “Modello 1” and “Modello 6”

  1. MODELLO 1: In the point “3” tick “di NON essere assicurato etc..” unless you already have a health insurance in another european country; leave empty the points “4” and “5”
  2. MODELLO 6: tick “Prima Iscrizione” if it’s the first time you register to the Italian National Health System; leave empty the section “Familiari a carico”; write “2021” next to “Reddito complessivo conseguito nel” and “zero” next to “in Italia”
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