Classes in person

Students attending classes in person must have the Green Pass and they must book weekly their place in the classroom by using the Teaching Agenda.

Each class must be booked on Wednesday of the week before at the latest.

Timetables and classrooms of the Foundation Course are available here and here

Instructions to attend classes in person

  1. Connect to the Teaching Agenda here
  2. Sign in by putting your university email address (your Alice username
  3. Put your Alice username and password
  4. Search your class name Please note that class names are available here and here and in the Teaching Agenda their field “Course of study” is “FC-S” (Science) and “FC-H” (Humanities)
  5. Register to the class
  6. Go to “Calendar”
  7. Click on the classes you want to attend in person and select “book” to get your seat

Please note

  1. Once in the class you must scan your Green Pass with the QR code you will find on your desk
  2. Registration to classes can be done once (and it can be deleted if you want) while the seat for each class must be booked week by week through your Calendar
  3. Please take always into account the “Color legend” that you see in your Calendar
  4. Classes with numerous students might not have enough seats for everyone so it is better to book your own seat as soon as possible
  5. For technical problems with the Teaching Agenda you can contact the Help Desk here by using your university email and Alice username and password