About the Foudation Course

The Foundation Course is a study program mainly taught in English that includes several fields of study.

It is primarily aimed at candidates who do not have the minimum schooling requirements (12 years) requested by the current legislation for the university access.

Additionally, the Foundation Course is ideal for American Students who have a High School Diploma without one of the additional qualifications required by the current Italian legislation for the university access: 3 advanced placement courses (APs); 2 complete years of college (Associate Degree)

If you do not meet the entry criteria for your chosen undergraduate course, a foundation course may offer you an alternative admission route.

This program is also meant for students interested in learning or improving their Italian language skills. There are 288 hours of lessons in English and 320 hours of Italian language classes over the whole year of study.

In addition, it is available a preparatory Italian language course (online) which lasts two months (July/August) and that all the students can take before starting classes in September.

Finally, you will have around 80 additional hours of conversation with Italian native speaking students who will be your buddies throughout your entire study experience at our University.

Each Foundation Course credit (CFC) is equivalent to 8 hours of lectures in class.

If you successfully complete the Foundation Course program you will be able to apply for a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Pisa without passing the Italian language exam normally required for non-EU students.

Last but not least, throughout the year a dedicated person will be always available for you to help you with bureaucracy, logistic issues and any kind of problem you may have.

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