Attendance 2022-23

Italian Language

The courses are organized in levels and have a duration of 60 hours each (50 hours of classroom teaching + 10 compulsory hours of online self-study on the Moodle platform with specially prepared teaching materials).

Attendance is compulsory.

To take the final test at the end of each course, students must have attended at least 70% of their course and completed the Moodle activities. Therefore, a maximum of 15 hours of absence is allowed out of a total of 50 hours . Besides, the self-study activities must be completed before the last lesson of the course takes place.

Courses in English – Humanities / Science

Attendance is compulsory.

70% attendance must be achieved for exam validation. The attendance percentage is calculated as an average of all the subjects in the student’s study plan divided by semester. The study plan includes both mandatory and elective subjects.
As for the courses that are held both in the first and second semesters, attendance is calculated separately for each subject. Exam validation for annual courses is also subject to compulsory attendance (70%).
The student who does not reach the minimum average attendance in the first semester cannot attend the second semester and is expelled from the programme.
Each Foundation Course Credit (CFC) is equivalent to 8 hours of classroom teaching .

Excused absences

Excused absences do not affect average attendance.
This category only includes absences due to health reasons, for which the student must provide medical evidence, or force majeure.

Online / blended / in-person courses

Each student is required to attend courses according to the selected option. For example, students who have chosen the on-campus option are not allowed to attend courses online, apart from exceptional cases, such as health reasons or a delay in receiving their study visa. Attending courses in a mode other than the one chosen is considered an unexcused absence.

Students attending classes online are required to keep their webcam on throughout the lesson.

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