The University of Pisa is not a campus-based university so it does not have its own dorms. However there are various options available to students to find an accommodation.

Here some useful tips about how to avoid accommodation scams

The average rent for a single room in a shared apartment is between 300/400 euros a month

Please note that landlords normally ask for a deposit equivalent to one/two months rent upon signing the rent contract

You are strongly discouraged to pay for a long-term room before you obtain your Visa or you come to Italy.

If you want you can first book a short-term room (10 days/ 2 weeks) and then you can look for a long-term accommodation once you are in Pisa.

Short-term rooms bookings can be normally used for Visa purposes

In any case, always make sure to sign an agreement saying that you can have your rent/deposit back if for some reason you are not finally able to come Italy

Always get a rent contract!

Short-term rooms can be found here and here

Long-term rooms

Announcements by private landlors may be found here , here and here

If you have Facebook, you can have a look here, here and here

Other options are the housing platform Housing Anywhere and the Cerco Alloggio platform

If you are looking for a student dorm, there are several options available such as Studentato Cappuccini Hall, Casa dello Studente Villa Giulia, I Praticelli Residence, Residence Tulipan, Residence le Benedettine, and Pensionato Toniolo

Finally, there are dorms for girls only that are mostly managed by catholic nuns. Among them there are Pensionato San Giuseppe, Pensionato Santa Marta and Istituto Suore Figlie di Nazareth

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