Medical emergencies

Guardia Medica

On public holiday and at night basic medical assistance is guaranteed by the Guardia Medica.

The Guardia Medica service guarantees basic medical assistance at home in situations designated as emergencies, and that take place at night or on public holidays.

More specifically: 8pm-8am from Monday to Friday and between 10am Saturday and 8am Monday, or on any day following a public holiday.

The Guardia Medica is at via Garibaldi, 198 Pisa, tel. 050 959866 – Web page

Further information for foreign citizens in many languages is available at this link.

Emergency services

For emergency services or to call an ambulance, dial 118 (free of charge)

Emergency Department (Pronto Soccorso): 050.992300

Hospital in Pisa:
Ospedale di Cisanello, via Paradisa, 2 – tel. 050/992111 – 993111 (Pronto Soccorso/Emergency room: Building 31)
Toll free number (Numero Verde): 800.015877
Hospital’s main switchboard (Centralino Ospedale): 050.992111
To arrive to the Emergency Department (Pronto Soccorso) or Cisanello Hospital, you can take a bus called LAM ROSSA

Please note: the registration to the Italian National Health Service ensures that foreigners receive an equal treatment and full equality regarding rights and duties compared to Italian citizens with regard to health care provided in Italy. Should you be in a situation in which you need health assistance or/and emergency care either provided by public or private health staff (contracted by the SSN) and you do not have the Italian health card (or its provisional replacement certificate), you will need to pay for all the medical expenses.

Info provided by the International Promotion Unit

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