Application procedure

The application period is from 29/03/2024 to 19/04/2024 

You must apply only for one program (Humanities, Science, Native Italians, Single modules) by going here  

Please note that the following documents must be uploaded by 19/04/2024, otherwise the application will be rejected:

  1. Passport  
  2. Secondary school leaving certificate obtained after at least 11 years of school + transcript of records of the last school year.   
    If you have not obtained your Secondary School Qualification yet, it is enough a school enrollment certificate along with the transcript of records (original and officially translated in English or Italian).   
  3. English language certificate (B2 level at least) or proof of one full year of school in English.  
    The international english certificates accepted are: IELTS (minimum 5.5), TOEFL IBT (minimum 46) , Cambridge english qualification (minimum 160), Duolingo (minimum 95) Info about IELTS here, Info about TOEFL IBT here, Info about Cambridge english qualifications here, info about Duolingo here

There are 39 spots available for Humanities and 19 for Science. 
Native italians and Single modules are counted separately.  

Application steps:

  • Candidates who have correctly submitted the application will be asked to pay the application fee by 22/04
  • By 30/04 all the candidates who have paid the application fee will be assessed.
  • By 2/05 eligible candidates will be conditionally accepted and not eligible candidates will be rejected. Candidates will be considered eligible if they are within the first 39 of Humanities or the first 19 of Science, if they have correctly uploaded all the documents required and if they have (or will obtain) a final secondary school qualification after at least 11 years of school. For info about some qualifications that are not accepted please go here. The ranking will be made according to the chronological order in which students have submitted their application.
  • By 14/05 eligible (conditionally accepted) candidates will be asked to pay the first fee (1016 euros), to fill, sign and upload the Responsibility Agreement and to register to the Alice portal. Those who will correctly carry out the three steps above within the due time will be considered accepted to the program, otherwise they will be rejected.
  • By 22/05 all the accepted candidates will receive the acceptance letter and, if non-EU students, they will be asked to apply for a Study D Visa through the Universitaly portal. Also, by 22/05 we will publish in this website the ranking list with the accepted candidates, who will be identified by their ID number

If we will not reach 19 accepted students for Science and and 39 for Humanities we will open another intake in May.

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