Application procedure

Application procedure 

The application period is from 3/03/2023 to 31/05/2023 

You must apply only for one program (Humanities, Science, Native Italians, Single modules) by going here 

There are 120 spots available (60 for Humanities and 60 for Science).
Native italians and Single modules are counted separately. 

Upon completion of the assessment process, successful candidates will be informed by email by 16/06/2023 and they will be asked to pay the first fee and to sign the Responsibility Agreement by 30/06/2023. After this they will receive the acceptance letter within two weeks and they will be asked to apply  for the Visa through the Universitaly portal (if non-EU students). 

The first fee is 1016 euros 

Should the number of eligible candidates exceed that of the available places, we will consider successful candidates the first 60 for Science and the first 60 for Humanities in chronological order according to when they have submitted the application for the program. 

Should some of the successful candidates decide to withdraw or not to pay the first fee by 30/06/2023 they will be excluded from the program. 

Eligible candidates who are not among the first 60 for Humanities or the first 60 for Science will be put in a waiting list and they might be called if some of the successful candidates decide to withdraw. 

Eligible candidates in one of the two programs (Humanities or Science) may also be offered to choose the other one if there are remaining spots available. For ex., if one candidate has applied for Science and the spots are full he/she may be asked to move to Humanities in order to be considered successful. If he/she does not accept the change he/she will be put in the waiting list. 

Candidates from the waiting list may be admitted by 14/07/2023 and they will have until 31/07/2023 to pay the first fee so as to receive the acceptance letter. 

The list with successful, eligible and rejected candidates will be published in the website by 16/06/2023

Each candidate will be identified in the ranking list through the ID number given by DreamApply during the application procedure. 

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