Italian tax code

The Italian tax code (“codice fiscale”) is necessary for several activities, such as applying for the Residency Permit, opening a bank account and getting registered to the Italian National Health System

There are three ways to request the Italian tax code:

  1. You request it to the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country when you apply for the Visa
  2. Once in Italy you send an email to (Subject “Richiesta codice fiscale+ your name and surname+ studente Unipi) and attach the following documents: Passport, Visa, Form AA4/8 filled out and signed (you may find it attached). Tax code in this way is normally released within 48 hours and you will get it directly to your email
  3. You ask for an appointment at the Italian Tax Agency in Pisa by calling on of the following numbers: 050 3154886- 050 3154910 – 050 3154804- 050 315471

Please note that if you request the tax code through the Italian Embassy/Consulate in your country once in Italy you must inform the Italian tax Agency about your Italian address in order to request the Italian Health card. To do that you must fill and sign the Form AA4/8 and you must tick “Change of details” in Part A Section II. Then you must send the form along with your passport and Visa to (Subject “Comunicazione indirizzo domicilio+ your name and surname+ studente Unipi)

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