Online classes

Classes held in English (Humanities and Science)

Classes are held on Microsoft Teams and to attend them you will have to use your Alice username and password and your university email address

If you have not done it already, register on the Alice portal and recover your password. Procedure here

  1. Activate your university email box by going here

First sign in by putting your Alice username followed by (ex. This one will be your university email address

In the next page put only your Alice username (without ) and your password

Now you can start to use your university email box

2. In order to attend lessons on Microsoft Teams when you join the lesson’s link now you will have to follow two steps:

  1. Put your university email address
  2. Put your Alice username and your Alice password

Please note that from October 10th 2022 you will only be allowed to use your university email address to send messages to teachers and to the university officers. You will not be allowed any longer to use your private email address!

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