Online classes

There are two registration procedures to attend the online classes: one for the Italian language classes and one for classes held in English (Humanities and Science).

The two procedures must be followed both by online students and those who attend classes in person

Italian language classes

Classes are held on the E-learning platform.

  1. You must register on the CLI website here Select “Erasmus” as occupation (so that you don’t have to put the tax code), put the first five numbers of your ZIP/ Postal Code, as “Municipality” put your city and as “province” the first two letters of your city
  2. Secondly, you must go to the E-learning platform here – Select “Log in” and then put your CLI username and password. Please note that before your username you must put the “-” sign (ex. if your username is mat1234 it will become –mat1234)
  3. If you don’t remember your password go here

Classes held in English (Humanities and Science)

Classes are held on Microsoft Teams/ Google Meet and to attend them you will have to use your Alice credentials and your university email address

  1. If you have not done it already, register on the Alice portal here
  2. Activate your university profile by making the Password Recovey Service (PRS) here In the field “Tax code” you must use the one that you can find in your Alice portal profile by selecting menu/home/ registry. If you have problems write to
  3. Activate your university email box by going here – First sign in by putting your Alice username followed by (ex.; this one will be your university email address – In the next page put only your Alice username (without ) and your password
  4. -Now you can start to use your university email box

Please note that from 11/10/2021 in order to send emails to teachers and to the university staff you MUST use only your university email address. Requests coming from other emails will receive no answer