Meet our ex students

Naeem, 20 y.o., from Israel
Pisa is a beautiful city and very suitable for studying and the experience I had here was quite amazing and I really enjoyed studying in here and I met a lot of friendly people. The foundation course went very well and teachers the staff team were very supportive and helpful and overall I am very happy and grateful for choosing to come to study here and especially learning a new language.
Isabella, 22 y.o., from Italy
I must say that the Foundation Course was a great experience. They not only teach the content and prepare students by showing them strategies to perform at the university, but it delivers much more than any other course could offer. In the Foundation Course I found a familiar and trusting atmosphere that created a space to be able to solve any doubt or problem that presented itself to me. The Foundation Course gave me material to manage not only the contents, but also other variables such as the management of time and nerves that ends up being crucial at the time of facing the test. The team of teachers proved to be able to guide me through a complex process without any problems. They always helped me with problems related to vocation, which was undoubtedly of great support. I would definitely recommend the Foundation Course to anyone who wants to prepare to attend university in Italy.
Pratham, 19 y.o., from India
"Foudation course in science provided me a platform to strengthen my base in subjects like mathematics and physics, which helped me a lot in entrance exams for engineering. Also the teachers of foundation course are very cooperative and helpful. The people from administration department helped us in every way to settle properly in a new country, far away from our homes. Overall it was very good experience being in Pisa and foundation course"
Dina, 21 y.o., from China
In this year, I visited numerous ancient towns and cities with brilliant museums and delicious food; I met students who came from all around the world and spent joyful time; I learned a new language as I learned about a different culture; I tried to be a chef of a brave new world of gastronomy; I grew up to live apart from my parents in a foreign environment... Every fresh experience I had in here is a study for my life, and with time passing by, I accustomed to the new way of living. As for the course itself, it is not hard with easy-going professors who are always willing to help. Moreover, it is a great chance for students who have not decided their path of future in their lives, to make choices carefully and thoughtfully with time to prepare themselves to face what is going to be continued. All in all, I wish you a good fortune and have a nice time in Pisa.;).
Joelle, 29 y.o., from US
I am grateful for the opportunity the Foundation Year program gave me to be able to continue my university studies. This unique course provided me with the Italian language skills I needed to feel prepared to enter the University of Pisa as a full-time student and also gave me an idea of what the university had to offer. Because of that, I was able to easily integrate into the Italian University community with confidence that I’d be able to succeed.
Aleksandr, 18 y.o., from Italy
The Foundation Course has been a crucial experience for me. I met unique people, I had been taught by very good professors and I am really glad that I was part of the fantastic community of the University of Pisa.  As native Italian I was allowed to choose the subjects I like and almost all the classes were interesting and fun to attend. A thing to notice is that the student office was absolutely the best, any problem we had was resolved and assisted by Adio and other course Tutors.  I am very happy that i had been through this and I strongly recommend for anybody who needs to fulfill the gap year for an Italian university to apply for this course, it’s absolutely worth it.

Noemi, 20 y.o., from Italy

Russian speaking students talk about their experience within the Foundation Course