University services and facilities


There are ten university museums, of which nine in Pisa and one in the near city of Calci. They can all be visited for free by the students of the University of Pisa.

Visit the official website to know more about it.

Dining Halls

5 university dining halls at a very affordable price. Don’t forget to top up your card online or at one of the ATM machines available before having your meal.

University Sport Centre (CUS)

CUS is the sport center for university students. A bunch of team and individual sports available to enjoy or relax during your free time. Website here.


15 university libraries where you can study, borrow books and meet new friends. Info here.

University Choir

If you like singing join for free to the university choir! Info here.

University Orchestra

Playing an instrument is your greatest passion? Join for free to the university orchestra. Info here.

University Radio

RadioEco is the radio of the students of the University of Pisa. Have a look at their Instagram and Facebook page.

Career Service

They help students to develop their job skills and organise career workshops and meetings with employers.

Their page here.

University language center (CLI)

Do you want to learn a new language? Have a look at this page.

USID and DSA service

The university supports and pursue full inclusion for students with special needs. Have a look here and here to know more about it.

Counselling and Support services

If you are having a bad period or you are stressed or anxious because of your exams, maybe it might be helpful to have a chat with a university counsellor. Have a look here.


It’s the university body who promotes full inclusion and equal opportunities for all the students, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, nationality, religion and disability. Info here.