University services and facilities


There are ten university museums, of which nine in Pisa and one (the Natural History Museum) in Calci, which is a few kilometers away from Pisa. They can all be visited for free by the students of the University of Pisa.

Visit the official website to know more about it.

Dining Halls

Students can benefit from the dining hall service at affordable prices. There are three dining halls in Pisa which serve daily meals, including a gluten free menu. The cost reaches a maximum of €4,50 for a full meal. To access the dining hall, students need their personal dining hall card, which all of them receive when they enrol at UNIPI and that can be charged either online ( or directly at the dining halls by using some specific ATM machines.

University Sport Centre (CUS)

CUS is the university sport center aimed at students who want to practice either individual or team sports. The enrollment fee is 65 euros for 3 months of the chosen activity. Please note that in order to practice any kind of sport it is mandatory to submit a medical certificate (namely “Certificato medico per attività sportiva non agonistica”), which can be requested or to a medical doctor or through the CUS itself.


There are 15 university libraries in Pisa and all of them can be accessed by students during the open hours. By using the university card, it is possible both to consult and to borrow a certain amount of books at the same time

University Choir

If you like singing join for free to the university choir! Find out how to do it by looking at the following website:

Counselling and Support services

The counselling service is aimed at students who are struggling to deal with any problems linked to their university experience and the purpose of this service is to provide them with the help and support of experienced and qualified professionals, who will help them to understand, confront and overcome their difficulties

University Orchestra

Playing an instrument is your greatest passion? Join for free to the university orchestra. All the info are available in the following website:

University Radio

RadioEco is the radio of the students of the University of Pisa. Have a look at their Instagram or Facebook page.

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