Visa, Residency Permit and general logistic information:
How and where do I have to request the Visa to come to study to Italy? And which kind of documents do I need for it?
Please visit the web portal of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following link: http://vistoperitalia.esteri.it/home/en
Do I have to follow the pre-enrollment procedure at the Italian Embassy in my country when I apply for the Foundation Course Program?

Based on the last Italian ministerial guidelines, those who apply for the Foundation Course do not necessarily have to follow the pre-enrollment procedure (and the deadlines related) at the Italian Embassy, since it is a different program than a Bachelor or a Master’s Degree. Instead, they should be able to apply for a Study Visa valid for the duration of the Foundation Course, based on the deadlines decided by the University of Pisa.

However, for any certain info about it, please contact the Italian Embassy/Consulate who is responsible for the release of your Visa.

I am a Kazakh student and I got my high school certificate in a school belonging to the Uzbekh system. Where do I request the Declaration of Value?

The Declaration of Value must be requested in the country to which the school system belongs, therefore you must contact the Italian Consulate/Embassy in Uzbekistan.

Does the University of Pisa offer University dorms?

Unfortunately, the University of Pisa does not have its own dorms, hence the best solution is to find a house through private landlords or estate agencies. The average monthly rent is between 300-350 euros for a single room in a shared apartment, and we can provide students with a list of websites and sources where they can look for rooms at cheap prices. Moreover, our international office can help and advise students to find a room.

How and where do I have request the Residency Permit to stay in Italy? And which kind of documents do I need for it?
Do you assist me with getting medical insurance, Residency Permit etc.?

Once in Italy, a tutor will assist students about logistic and bureaucratic matters that are: enrollment to the Italian National Health System, Tax Code, Residency Permit, Italian cellphone number, Italian bank account and so on.

In order to request and to renew the Residency Permit, do I need to have an Italian bank account? Or is it okay also to have a bank account abroad in my name or in the name of someone of my family?

It is necessary to have an Italian bank account in the name of the student who applies or renew the Residency Permit, and within the account itself there must be the equivalent of 458 euros for every month of the academic year, which means 5954 euros (458*13 months).

How can I get an Italian bank account?

Yes, you have several options. Please refer to studyabraod@unipi.it for it.

Am I entitled to work in Italy even though I do not have a working Visa?

Yes, People who come to Italy with a Study D Visa are entitled to legally work up to 20 hours per week. Of course, please note that a minimum knowledge of the Italian language is required in order to apply for any kind of job.

After I finish the Foundation Course, do I have to get back to my country and apply for a new Visa?

Not necessarily.

If you complete the Foundation Course within the scheduled time and your Residency Permit lasts enough, you might apply for the renewal of the Residency Permit without the need to get back to your country and to apply for a new Visa. If you renew the Residency Permit, you are compared to an EU student in the sense that if you want to apply for a Bachelor’s Degree you will not be included in the reserved quotas for non-EU citizens.

For any further info please contact the Immigration Office that is the office responsible for the release and the renewal of the Residency Permit: https://questure.poliziadistato.it/servizio/orari/5730dc9d212ab609844646

My Residency Permit was released by the Immigration Office in Pisa, but I will enroll to a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Milan. Where do I have to renew the Residency Permit?

It depends on when your Residency Permit expires. If it expires after you have already enrolled in Milan, then you must renew it in Milan. Otherwise, you can start the renewal procedure in Pisa, and when you move to Milan you must communicate your transfer to the Immigration Office in Pisa, so that they will be able to transfer your administrative paperwork to the office in Milan.

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