Foundation Course in Humanities – Foundation Course in Sciences

Second semester 2023/24

Teacher: Annamaria Lossi (

Aims of the course

The module in Aesthetics aims at giving a general and systematic outline of the main features of classic philosophical questions on beauty and art, in a broad sense. The course is directed to both FCH and FCS students who will become familiar with the way how this kind of philosophical texts are built and might be interpreted.     


This module will take into account modern philosophers to discover the different features of the discipline. A special focus will be shared on the nature of texts and the way how to read them.


The course will mainly consist of reading and discussing during the classes.

The lecture of two hours will be divided in two parts. After an introductory presentation (with a power point, pictures, short texts) a specific reading will be (re)read, analysed or commented. All the texts in English translation will be uploaded in pdf and shared before the lecture.

The final mark will be based on:

  1. the quality of attendance, interest and participation during the course (1-10)
  2. final written test (usually to be done on the final day of the course) (1-10)
  3. oral exam in June (1-10)

For any question students can be received by the lecturer at the Department prior appointment made emailing directly to:


The bibliography is all in English translations to give everyone the possibility to get an equal preparation in a common language.

No pre-knowledges are required. If students have already attended the Introduction of Philosophy course in the first semester, they might benefit thereof in the course in Aesthetics.


Online lectures are also available for those students who cannot join personally the course for documented reasons.

Oral exam

In June, dates have still to be defined.

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