History of Art: an introduction

Learning outcomes

Students will learn about the landmarks of the Italian art evolution from the 15th to the 18th century.


No prerequisites are required for this course.

Teaching methods

Frontal classes.


The course will offer a primary knowledge of the evolution of Italian art history from the 1400 to the 1800 ca. Each lesson will be devoted to a different contest, artist or commission, trying to elucidate the reasons behind the production of different kind of artworks. Aim of the course is to allow the student a first orientation in the early-modern history of art periodization, and for the student to gain an understanding of notions about function, style, iconography and techniques.


The main reference for the course is: S.J. Campbell and M. Cole, A New History of Italian Renaissance Art, London: Thames & Hudson, 2012. Further readings will be distributed during the course.

Assessment methods

The course will be assessed with a final written exam.