Italian Literature: an Introduction II

Italian Literature II (second term)

The course aims to provide an introduction and a broad overview of the Italian literature and culture from XVIII to XX century. After a focus on Romantic writers (Foscolo, Leopardi, Manzoni), we will analyze different expressions of literature in United Italy (Carducci, Pascoli, D’Annunzio, Verga, Collodi, Deledda, Pirandello).


No prerequisites are required for this course.

Teaching methods

Historical cultural background lessons will alternate with special focuses on main authors and text analysis.

Italian Literature II (second term)

  1. The Romantic Controversy Ugo Foscolo (1 lesson), Giacomo Leopardi
    (2 lessons); Alessandro Manzoni (2 lessons)
  2. The Literature of United Italy Poetry : Carducci, Pascoli, D’Annunzio (1 lesson); Prose : Verga, Collodi, Deledda (1 lesson); Focus on: Luigi Pirandello (1 lesson)
  3. The Rise and Fall of Fascism Poetry and the Avantgarde: Saba, Ungaretti, Montale (2 lessons); Philosophy and Literature from Croce to Gramsci (1 lesson); Novel: Svevo, Tozzi, Gadda (1 lesson)
  4. Aftermath of the Second World War Poets and History from Neorealism to Pasolini (1 lesson); Primo Levi (1 lesson); Italo Calvino (1 lesson); Leonardo Sciascia (1 lesson)


  • Peter Brand, Lino Pertile, The Cambridge History of the Italian Literature, Cambridge, CUP, 1999 [Revised edition]
  • Students will be provided with a selection of literary texts (in English, with the corresponding Italian text), and with other further materials such as critical readings and maps. All these materials will be available on MOODLE (e-learning Unipi).

Assessment methods

Italian Literature II (second term)

Mid exam (written exams on the authors/texts from the first part of the course, 50% of the final grade); final oral exam.