Modern European History

Modern European History

Academic year: 2023-24

Course: Foundation Course Humanities

Credits: 6 credits

Period: second semester

Number of hours: 48

Teacher: Anna Grillini

Language of instruction: English

Teacher’s email:

Course Description

The aim of the course is to give to the students an introduction to the main events of the Nineteenth and Twentieth- century Modern European History, with an emphasis on the social, political and cultural history. We will pay attention to the socio-economic and cultural changes from the French Revolution to the Cold War. Course topic include, among others, the Risorgimento, the Great War, the Italian Resistance. We will also analyze some cultural aspects of the cultural history of medicine like the shell-shock during the Great War and process of collective memorialization after World War II.

Course Goal

The main goal of the course is the understanding of European History from the French Revolution and its relationship with the present world. Encouraging the debate, the students will able analyze the main events of the recent history and their cultural and socio-economic consequences.


Students will be provided with textbooks and readings by the Teacher. Class discussion will be encouraged, and active participation in class will be valued. The examination will be oral.

Required Text(s)

Readings provided by the Teacher and uploaded on the Moodle Platform

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