Economics and Management

Learning outcomes

This course is designed to introduce the study of the economic, productive and financial phenomena in market economies, as well as the managerial and organizational processes inside firms.


No specific prerequisites are required. The course presupposes only basic mathematical skills.

Teaching methods

Classes are mainly taught in standard lectures. An intuitive and informal presentation of topics, interaction, and exercises are favoured methodologies.


The course consists of two parts: a) Political Economy; b) business and management administration. The topics for each part are as follows:
a. Political Economy
The definitions of economics and the role of models; GDP, economic growth, and inequality; technological change, the production and cost functions; opportunity cost and economic rent; decision-making under scarcity, the feasible set and preferences; strategicinteractions, social dilemma, and game theory.
b. Business Administration and Management
The types of businesses and form of business organizations; basic concepts of planning and controlling; principles of accounting; the financial analysis of a business; business strategy and organization.


Assessment methods

The course includes tests in progress, through the exercises that are carried out during class and the home assignments.
The final test is an oral examination