Principles of economics and Management

Academic year: 2023-24
Course: Foundation Course Science
Credits: 3
Period: Second semester

Number of hours: 24

Teacher(s): Alberto Bianchi (

Language of instruction: English

Learning Outcomes

The students who successfully complete the course will have the necessary methodological bases in the Economics field to face the study of scientific subjects at a university level.


Elementary Mathematics

Teaching Methods

Lectures, exercises in class


Thinking like an economist

How a capitalist economy works

The market forces of supply and demand

The meaning of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Elasticity and its application

Consumers, producers and the efficiency of markets

Firms in competitive markets


International trade and globalization

Management principles in a capitalist firm

The multinational companies


N. Gregory Mankiw, Principle of Microeconomics, Eighth Edition, Harvard University, 2016

Assessment methods

Written test

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