The Foundation Course Science (FCS) is aimed at candidates with a School leaving qualification obtained after 11 years of schooling and it is composed of a total of 60 Foundation Course credits (CFC).

The duration of the Program is one academic year and all the modules are taught in English, except for the Italian language classes.

The FCS prepares students interested in scientific courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Health Sciences, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Math, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy and Physics. The program’s modules are based on last year’s curricula of scientific subjects as given at Italian scientific high schools.

There are 288 hours of lessons in English and 320 hours of lessons in italian over the whole year of study.

Students who have gaps in Math may attend a preparatory course in September with dedicated tutors before the program starts.

Academic Coordinator: Prof. Marco Polini

The Program consists of the following modules:

Optional Courses:

Every student has the possibility to replace Principles of Economics and Management (3 CFC) and Logic and Reasoning (3 CFC) with the following modules offered by the Foundation Course Humanities:

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