Tuition fees and deadlines 2023-24

Foundation Course Humanities/ Science/ Native Italians 

The total amount of the tuition fees is 5000 euros divided in 5 installments. 

16 euros of revenue stamp must be added to the first fee. 

Deadlines and amounts below: 

  1. 1016 euros by 30/06/2023 or 31/07/2023 
  2. 1000 euros by 31/01/2024 
  3. 1000 euros by 29/02/2024 
  4. 1000 euros by 29/03/2024 
  5. 1000 euros by 30/04/2024 

Penalty Fee 

Late payments produce a penalty fee of 100 euros 

Tuition fees can be paid only by using the PagoPA platform, which allows to pay by credit/ debit card or PayPal. This is the only way of payment accepted. 

Foundation Course single modules 

The amount of the tuition fees is 85 euros per credit. 

The 20% of the total amount must be paid by 30/06/203 and the remaining 80% by 31/01/2024 

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